A place to
become more:
Human and more
Gifted and more
Served and more

We would like to remind our guests that pets are not permitted on Center grounds.

Priest Field Pastoral Center is one of four Pastoral Centers in the Catholic Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston under the pastoral care of Bishop Michael J. Bransfield. These centers are designated as places of gathering for purposes of education, spiritual growth and human development.

Priest Field has the oldest history of the centers. The donation of the land to the Catholic Church dates back to 1802 when Adam Livingston gave the church a 35 acre parcel of farmland; "a field to sustain a priest" for favors granted. The dedication of Priest Field Pastoral Center in 1983 and our continued growth fulfills the promise of becoming a "a great place of prayer and fasting and praise."

As you visit this site, you will see that Priest Field offers many opportunities for individuals and groups to draw a little closer to their God, by stepping away from life's hectic pace into the quiet of this "field of sustenance" to be nurtured and refreshed.


Rev. William P. Linhares, T.O.R.,